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2019 Annual Statewide Spring Luncheon Conference & Expo

First Time You Log In
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The first time you log in as a member your Preferences Page should appear. The two things you should select are:

  • Community Email me when a community event is added
  • Groups Email me when an event is added to a group of which I am a member

The rest of the list is up to you. However, not all the items listed have been enabled as yet.

Community refers to NJAWBO State Headquarters, and Groups refer to the Regions. You are assigned to the group that corresponds to your Region.

Click on the Save My Settings button. You can always return to this page in the future to change these settings.

Your Profile Home page will appear.

This page displays all the information that is visible to all members. You can control this by editing the information and selecting what you want others to see.

Notice the Profile Pages icon at the top. You can have up to 10 personal profile pages.

The menu in the right rail (column) has links to the pages of your personal section.

In the above menu you are on the Profile Home page.

Click on the Manage Profile link. The following displays. Here you can Edit your BIO, Change your Preference (see top of this page), create Pages, and Upload Photos (not enabled at this time).

Messaging will display messages sent by Region Admins, Groups refer to YOUR Region, Referrals is a history of any messages to send via Refer a Friend. Subscriptions are subscriptions you have to NJAWBO Blogs and Forums.

In ACCOUNT HISTORY you can see your Membership status, invoices, and payments.

Lean more: click on User Manual in the left rail (column) and choose the section you are interested in from the drop-down menu.