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2019 Annual Statewide Spring Luncheon Conference & Expo

Membership Categories
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Membership levels and your investment structure follow:

Annual Dues
Active $260.00
Active +1
Active +2
Active 2 years
Associate $360.00
Associate 2 years
Non-Profit $180.00
Equal Women Partners
(each partner must register separately)
($180 each partner)

NJAWBO dues fall into five basic categories:

Active–(Voting): An Active Member is woman who owns or has ownership in a business which she actively manages. The Dues are $260 annually.

Active Plus-(Voting): An Active Member with the ability to designate one or two key employees to attend NJAWBO events at NJAWBO member prices. The Dues are $400 annually for 1 employee5 or $525 annually for 2 employees.

Associate–(Non-Voting): An Associate Member is an individual who does not fall into the Active Membership category. The Dues are $360 annually.

Non-Profit–(Non Voting): A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Class Member shall be an individual who supports the objectives of the Corporation, but does not meet the criteria for an Active Class Member. A Non-Profit Class Member shall not have the right to vote on any issue presented to the Membership, but shall be entitled to receive notice of such issue presented to the voting class members for vote, in the same form and within the same time period. The total Non-Profit Class Members of the Corporation shall not exceed ten (10%) of the total Membership in any Region. The Dues are $180 annually.

Equal Women Partners: The Equal Partners Class shall be two women who equally own a business in a 50/50 partnership. Both women must join and be members in good standing to qualify for this membership class. Each will have the right to one vote on each and every issue presented to the Membership.

Each woman partner/owner will pay an annual membership fee of $180 (new membership), and each will receive all the benefits of a regular active membership. This allows each of the women owners of the same business to attend any meeting at member price, have her own name badge, vote in the annual meeting, etc.

This classification is not for one woman out of a partnership who wants to join; if only one woman out of a partnership wishes to join, she will pay the regular $260 price (individual Active Member cost). Both equal partners must join to qualify for this price, and both partners must be women.

Membership dues are non-refundable.

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