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2019 Annual Statewide Spring Luncheon Conference & Expo

My Profile
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Profile Home: 
upload your photo or post a message/comment on your wall, and add
profile pages. Each member is allowed up to 10 pages.

Manage Profile 

Information and Settings

               Edit Bio: update or change information in your profile including your password

               Preferences: customize email notifications you want to receive or subscribe to a 
               group newsletter by checking the box next to the items you wish to receive

Content and Features 

My Favorites: you can add any page from the website to your favorites, click on a page
              on the website, at the top right of the screen you will see a star, click on the star to add
              that page to your favorites

              My Networks: add, manage, and view your social/professional networks here

              Blogs: create, post, and manage blogs

              Pages: create custom pages with content about your business. Each member is allowed
              up to 10 pages. 

              Photo Gallery: create a photo album of your business

              Files and Links: upload files and link to items about your business


              Messaging: similar to email – send and receive messages - you can search for a member
              and email them. You can also make connections with other members in this area allowing
              you to communicate with them.

              Groups: join a group (region) to receive information about events, etc. and view a group 
              page. The group (region) page will let you get a list of your region’s members, view your 
              region’s calendar, blog, and join forums. You can view other member’s public profiles,
              send individual messages (not email) to members through the group (region)
              message center. (Note: to find members of other regions, use the Members Only section
              of the website.)

              Connections: connect with another NJAWBO member – go to groups, choose your region,
              click on group directory, find the member from your group that you want to connect with and
              click on add a connection. A message will be sent to that person with a request to connect.

              Referrals: invite people to join the website

The other titles listed below "Manage Profile” (i.e. Groups, Networks, Files & Links, Favorites,
Messages, Connections, Membership Info, Refer a Friend) are quick links/shortcuts to the areas
under Manage Profile (described above). Similar shortcuts are found on the various pages in your
"My Profile” section.