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12 Ways to Put Your Membership Into High Gear

Friday, September 12, 2014  
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Welcome to Fall! The sounds of school buses zipping through our streets puts us all in the mood for "back to school”, or in our case, "back to work”. Although I’m sure all entrepreneurs keep toiling throughout the summer, this season gives us a fresh new focus and energy to close our year strong. 

NJAWBO can help you in many ways. All you need to do is commit to an active membership. 

An ACTIVE Membership means

  1. ATTENDING as many meetings as your schedule allows.
  2. LISTENING when your fellow members introduce themselves: how can you help them?
  3. CONNECTING with a member who serves similar clients you do – become partners.
  4. REFERRING potential business to a member.
  5. CALLING a member you haven’t seen in a while… maybe they’re dealing with difficulties.
  6. THANKING members who connect you with prospects or other opportunities.
  7. USING the services of your fellow members, support their business.
  8. ASKING for help – can NJAWBO or a particular set of members help you?
  9. PRESENTING a business talk at one of our meetings.
  10. VISITING the meetings of other regions. It opens a whole new world of opportunities
  11. HELPING your region – from executing a small task to joining a team to assuming a board position.
  12. INVITING a member you’ve met briefly to chat further and see how you can help each other.

Those NJAWBO members who have kept up their membership for 5 to 25 years already know the value of all of these, and more. They’ve jumped into action and have reaped the rewards many times over the cost of the dues. Success won’t come to you while you’re doing nothing. Act now and it will happen!

Susana Fonticoba
Right Click Advantage LLC