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Inspire Ideas, Cultivate Connections

Thursday, June 19, 2014  
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 Inspire Ideas, Cultivate Connections

For years I have been sharing with groups near and far the concept of being only as good as your last conversation. This is my personal mantra. I know that in every conversation, there lies an opportunity to learn something new: a new piece of information, a new idea, a new concept or just the opportunity to hear it in a new way. This can happen from an existing connection or a new one. We don't have to go far to be better.

With the world evolving into a time pressure cooker, and most people struggling to fit in all the activities that are "best practices” or "success factors” it is good to know there is a better way. Try this for 30 days: Go through your network / address book. Divide your contacts into those who you have consistent communication with (weekly, monthly); those who are yearly, those who you have not talked to in a while. Then commit to the following communication plan:

1) Pick 3 from the first list, and send a note, leave a message – tell them something new about you and your goals.

2) Pick 3 from the second list, call and then follow up with an email

3) Pick 3 from the third list and call, follow-up with an email however, be persistent to get a conversation.

What to say: update them on the top 3 things they need to know about you now: your goals, accomplishments, desires, interests. Ask them to participate in your world. Ask a question to do some research, offer to send them the results. Ask them for a virtual cup of coffee or an in person meeting. Ask them for referrals to help you reach your goals – either resources, business connections. This last "ask” is something I would recommend you do, with the first group on first contact. With groups 2 and 3 after you have re-established connection.

What do you think will happen? You will need a great follow-up system. I can help you with that and with the opportunity to help you grow yourself and your business.

Remember, Conversations with Kathleen work.

Kathleen Cashman
Cashman Consulting, LLC