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CERTIFICATION, Is it for you? YES IT IS!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014  
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CERTIFICATION, Is it for you? YES IT IS!!!

If you want the most inexpensive and effective marketing tool available to you as a woman business owner, do not overlook the expanded opportunities certification can offer.

First, it is important to be ready for all opportunities.

It is a pity that many NJAWBO members were not ready to compete when opportunities came their way by accident! One government buyer shopped at Wal-Mart and came across a NJAWBO member's product and called her to find out more about her company. She was not prepared! She lost a very large contract that she was able to perform. Another member received Requests for Proposals from none other than the Post Office, she was not ready but she knew to come to me for help. Within two years she sold a thriving business

Second, you want to project to all customers that your business is professionally positioned for growth beyond selling to local customers. You must understand the hurdles that your customers mount daily, because you have actually climbed them yourself. That's really speaking the same language of shared experiences.

It is a misnomer to say that you do not sell to the Government, when you do! Selling to any large business, is selling indirectly to the government. To staunchly maintain this misguided position will certainly lead your company into a death spiral.

Certification is an essential tool.

The government is required to buy from Women Owned Businesses; large businesses have the same contractual duty. The Small Business representatives from government and industry are aware of their obligations under the law.

Presently there are two certification programs for Women business owners.

The State certifies you as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) for a mere $100 for a three year period. The federal government's self- certification program Women Owned Small Business and Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business certification is FREE!

I personally assist you in completing all forms and assessing your potential for obtaining certification BEFORE you waste your money and/or time.

There is no longer contracts set-aside for WBE on the state level, but having the certification certificate in hand to give to a large business buyer for their records is invaluable, since they are audited by the government. It is less expensive than WBENC certification.

Federal certification/registration assists you in obtaining set-aside contracts under certain North American Industry Codes (NAICS). We assist you completing this form also and SAM registration.

In this area WBENC is a private certifier, however that certification is limited to WOSB only and of course is expensive. Oh yes, you still have to complete the same forms including registering for SAM, with little assistance.

It is your choice. Personally I would be ready!

NJIT Procurement Center will send out bidding opportunities daily to your email address covering federal, some state and local bids. You can have a real opportunity to use certification, when you bid set-aside work.

Dolcey E Chaplin, Esq.
Director, NJIT Procurement Center
(973) 596-3105