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NJAWBO Member Shelly Aberson provides services at 2014 Superbowl

Wednesday, May 14, 2014  
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SPOTLIGHT: As a Super Bowl Vendor ANW Shows How Small Businesses Can Play in the Big League


ANW's CEO Hal Narotzky and President Shelly Aberson pose with some of their Super Bowl creations. Their Cranford offices are filled with a wide range of give away items.

Thomas Edison once said, "The three essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are hard work, stick-ti-itiveness, and common sense.”

Shelly Aberson must certainly agree to that recipe for success. The president of ANW, Aberson Narotzky & White Branded Products persevered and won a spot on the list of Super Bowl vendors.

It was not easy to do.

The process began a year before the big game. That's when Aberson got an email from the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners telling her about a meeting in Newark to learn about doing business with the Super Bowl Host Committee and NFL.

Aberson attended, along with 1,200 other business owners."The whole place was packed,” she remembered. "We were looking at each other, saying, ‘This is a waste of time. I have never seen so many heads shake No Way at the same time.'”

At a second meeting, Aberson noticed there were less attendees. "Many of the 1,200 had said, ‘I'm not coming to the next event. This is a long shot, a big long shot. I thought so, too, but I just kept filling out forms and signed up for the Business Connect Program.”

A flurry of emails followed and Aberson kept responding. "What turned the tide was when I got an email saying there having a vendor show.Getting a booth was very competitive, but, low and behold, we got one.”

Before the show, she made a call to ask if the decision makers would be attending and what they were looking for. The answer was coins and cards. "I said that if they stopped by my booth I would have both.”

ANW made it onto the vendor list and won the bid to supply 150,000 decks of cards to be given to tourists at New Jersey and New York airports as a thank you for attending the game.

That was only the beginning. The Super Bowl had an agent that worked on all the accessories. He came to Cranford and saw they did more than playing cards. ANW landed an order to produce hats, gloves, and jackets for the mobile tour.

In addition, ANW supplied 10,000 hand warmers, 50,000 white plastic bags, 10,000 clear plastic bags, and 50,000 Super Bowl buttons that said, "More Super with You.” They produced server aprons and key ring flashlights, and 10,000 notepads for volunteers. All items had the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl logo.

Even the weather helped to promote ANW. As visitors were trying to leave after the Super Bowl, they were stranded at the airports by a snow storm. NBC came to the airports to do a story about what these passengers were doing to pass the time. You guessed it. They were playing cards.

ANW offices is located at 945 Lincoln Avenue East in Cranford. Phone: 908-789-2700,