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BLOOM to Your Full Potential by Bringing PASSION to Your Profession!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015  
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BLOOM to Your Full Potential

by Bringing PASSION to Your Profession!

by Laura Graziano

Laura E. Graziano, LLC


What is it that stirs your soul, makes your life worth living, and puts that “spring” in your step?  When you learn the secrets of how to bring more of this PASSION to your day-to-day profession, you will be amazed how you and your business will BLOOM!


As business owners and professionals, we bring so much of ourselves to our work.  It is only when we truly dig down deep within ourselves and bring our unique talents and passions to our professions, that we feel true gratification and fulfillment… both personally and professionally.  We are able to express our true essence and inner beauty, much like a flower opening petal by petal to reveal the rich nectar inside.


To live your BEST, most authentic life, you must bring the BEST of yourself to all that you do.  With all the external and internal demands on us today in both our business and personal lives, this often become a challenge… but one definitely worth embracing.  The reward is living a more joyful and fulfilling life through that inner knowing that you are BLOOMING into the person you were meant to be!


The first step is taking the time to reflect and reignite that which you are passionate about.  Perhaps these seeds of passion have always been a part of you since you were a child, or they may have developed as you have grown, learned, and experienced the rigors of life.  What you were passionate about last year or even last week can change, and you may need to reevaluate how this affects your business.  Also, changes in your personal life or in the marketplace often require you to change or adjust your passions and how you cultivate them through your business.


Next, weed out the obstacles that are holding you back from growing to your full potential.  They are there for each of us.  You must keep current, and to advance you may need to learn a new skill yourself or acquire an employee or expert with this skill.  You may need to align yourself with the right professional organizations, networking groups, coaches or individuals to maximize the quality of support, expertise, and opportunities you receive.  Be prepared to be a contributor to these groups as well… you get back what you give.  Also, consider whether there is an individual who is having a negative effect on you, your staff, or your business.  Your own internal attitudes and self-imposed limits may need to be transformed into ones that fertilize growth!


Finally, work on your Passion Plan… specifically how you are going to make all this happen, and just get to work and start planting those seeds now!  The planting season is brief and so is life.  Ask for help when you need it… and you will need it.  Our gardens grow so much better when we share our “gardening tips”, successes, and experiences.  Now, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, and dig into the soil and cultivate your BEST possible BLOOM… in business and life!