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Forums, Blogs & Photos
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Finally, we get to Forum, Blog, and Photo Management.  Keep in mind that you, as Group Admin, will need to accept or reject uploaded photos, and blog and forum entries.

Let's take a look at Forums first.

Select View Forum Categories.

Note that one has been set up without any records. You can use this or add a category by clicking >Add a New Category above the teal bar.

When you have several forum categories, you can change the order in which they appear on the screen by  changing the number is the DISPLAY ORDER box and then clicking Update Sort Order.

Adding a category is simple. Click >Add a New Category (above the teal bar); the following page displays:

Type the name of the category and add a sort order. Click submit. You're done.

Click View Forums and the following page will appear.

Note that you can change the display order of your forums for each category, the same way you can for categories.

Click >Add a New Forum (above the Category drop-down) or from the Options Menu. The following page will display:

Note: You can have multiple forums in each category.

Archived: Archived forums and associated posts are not visible on the frontend of the website.

Locked: Only moderators may post to a locked forum. If locked, members will not be able to post new topics or reply to topics.

You need to moderate all forums if your Region wants them set up.

Click on View Blogs under Blog Management. The following page appears with the name of your region.

To add a post, click on the name of the blog you want to use (you can have multiple blogs).

To create a NEW BLOG, click on Start a New Blog. Fill out the information and click submit.

Once you have a blog, you need to have posts. To Post, Click The Blog name in the Blog listing.

The following page displays:

Note that you can link a YouTube video, add keywords (separated by a comma), upload images, and select allowing or not allowing posts.

Clicking Submit makes the post visible to your Region group.

Using the links below Photo Management lets you accept and reject photos uploaded by Region members. Any photos you accept, will be visible to the entire Region.

When you select Accept Photo you can filter which photos you view. Rejected photos remain viewable by you until they are deleted.

Uploading a photo is easy -- click upload photo. If you upload one at a time, each photo can have a caption.

The system will accept only jpg, gif or png formats. Make sure your photos are 72dpi; anything larger is unnecessary and slows down load time.