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NJAWBO MetroEast Region June 2018 Networking Luncheon

NJAWBO Virtual Connection - June 25

NJAWBO Northwest Region June 2018 Networking Meet & Greet

NJAWBO South Jersey Region June Networking Luncheon

NJAWBO Virtual Connection - July 30

Adding Calendar Dates & Events
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Select ADD A NEW DATE from the Options drop-down under CALENDAR.

The following page displays.

Fill in the information. Some things to note:

This form is excellent for simple meetings, such as a board meeting, or other event that does not need a great deal of information.

If this is an event that occurs regularly, use the RECURRENCE SETTINGS so you don't have to redo the information each time.

When you submit the date to the calendar, a message is sent to your entire group alerting them, unless you check DON'T SEND A NEW EVENT NOTIFICATION.

The date is automatically added to the overall site calendar, so everyone can see it.

Use ADD A NEW EVENT for events that need full explanations and locations.

CAUTION: DO NOT USE ON-LINE REGISTRATION SECTION AT THIS TIME. The Regions should CONTINUE to use their current reservation and payment options.

The top of the page looks like the Add a Date and works the same way.

The middle of the lets you enter the venue information and your contact information for your reservations chair, programming VP, or restaurant coordinator.

AGAIN: DO NOT USE THE RESERVATION SECTION. If you do, all money collected will end up in the NJAWBO State account without any information as to which Region it came from. When this changes, you will be notified and this page will be revised.

You can add an image or logo for the event. You might want to add a map.

Under description and comments you can include information about the event, speaker, place links to your reservation and payment sites.

Note: if you want to match NJAWBO's PMS 321 color, use #008998 in the color pallet under MORE COLORS.

The page background color is #EFF0F1 or rgb 239, 240, 241 This color is not in the pallet either and needs to be add under MORE COLORS.

You can use Session Management for the event. However, we will not cover that here.

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