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2009-2010 NJAWBO Mentoring Program
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2009-2010 NJAWBO Mentoring Program

Kathleen Cashman, Cashman Consulting, LLC
Pam D'Aleo, Informaxx
Judy DeLorenzo, Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.
Holly Kaplansky, Minuteman Press
Cynthia Myer, Ridgewood Moving Services
Marge Offut, Mediagraphics
Carmela Roberts, Roberts Engineering Group, LLC
Lois Spagnola, Environmental Technologies Group, Inc.

Kathleen Cashman, Cashman Consulting, LLC
Meeting other accomplished Business Women from NJAWBO was one of the highlights.  Around this state we have such remarkable talent and we are accomplishing remarkable things.  Meeting the Individuals from our Corporate Sponsors.  They are truly wonderful representations of their organizations and care as deeply about their roles as we, the business owners, care about our organizations.  It was a great match of passions. 

Understanding and navigating the Corporate Supplier paths within each organization is a unique experience.  My services have not been traditionally navigated towards this avenue.  Today, with the world challenges and changes, the organizations need for more financial controls and leveraging of systems, it is an avenue that needs understanding.  I was able to get this information, meet some great managers and make some great connections. 

As an added bonus, I was given some great feedback on my firm’s marketing materials, our positioning statements and overall strategies. 

Individually, I was fortunate to be paired with Sheri Shafir of Novartis Pharmaceuticals.  Not only is she a wonderful person, but truly knowledgeable in her field.  I would say that all the mentors were outstanding.  I am already jealous of the next class.

Again, thank you for the opportunity.

Pam D'Aleo, Informaxx 
I am especially grateful to my mentor, Kathleen Castore of Sanofi-Aventis.  She exposed me to new possibilities and was always willing to talk and offer guidance based on her expertise.  As mentees we also had opportunities to learn from the other corporate mentors along with experts on sales, social media, and more.  

I feel very fortunate to have met and shared with such a caring, extraordinary group of professionals.  The year went so quickly!  Thanks to NJAWBO and the mentors for supporting this program.

Judith DeLorenzo, Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.
When you read the letters OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE, how do you read it? Some people read it as OPPORTUNITY IS NO WHERE. With the help of our mentors and mentees, I read it as OPPORTUNITY IS NOW HERE!

Please accept my gratitude for the help you’ve all given to me through the year. I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

A special thank you goes out to Carole Lakin and her team at Enterprise Rent A Car. They have been available whenever I had problems that needed to be solved.

Enterprise Rent A Car has been a great role model for me. I realize now, why they were chosen as my mentor.

Holly Kaplansky, Minuteman Press
She helped me to look at my business in different ways and gave me some great advice about HR and staffing issues.  She gave me some excellent suggestions (as did all the mentors) on my presentation skills and elevator pitch.  Before this program, I didn't realize that the way you present to the large corporation requires a very specific skill set and is very different from presenting to smaller companies.  Plus Sue and I both have dogs named Izzy…..what an amazing coincidence!  We were meant to get to know each other, and I know that we will keep in touch even though the mentoring program is complete.  I can say that due to this program, I am more polished and professional when presenting.  It was a great learning experience….oh, and I almost forgot to mention….I've gotten some very nice orders from PSEG.  Thank you NJAWBO for developing such an awesome program!!

Marge Offut, Mediagraphics
It was a year of relationship building with seven other wonderful mentees & six mentoring companies. It would take years to develop the type of camaraderie we all established with each other, knowing we can now reach out to any of the participants, any time, for any reason. It’s these relationships and subsequent door openings that made it all worthwhile for me. Thank you, one & all.

Kathleen Castore, sanofi-aventis
It was amazing to experience and build wonderful connections, gain insight, team build, develop camaraderie, increase business networking and of course the opportunity to mentor potential suppliers for use in our supply chain.  I can't wait until for the next group of women business owners as well as to continue relationships with the alumni.  Job well done Paula Gould and Kathleen Cashman, as this could not have been what it was without you two."