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Region Operations
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Executive Committee

There are only FIVE positions on the State board that are required to be filled – with alternating years during the initial term of the new structure. TWO additional positions are pre-determined – Immediate Past President/Chair and Executive Director. The duties of the six voting officers are detailed below. Once a member has fulfilled their term of office they may not hold another office for one year before being nominated for another state board position. Should an officer need to be replaced during the first year of her two-year term, the replacement will be considered as having served a full term. Should an officer need to be replaced during the second year of her two-year term, the replacement will be eligible for re-election to that position or another position on the State board. 

*1) President

* Preside over state board meetings – at least one to be held each quarter with additional meetings as needed

* Serve as ex-officio member, without vote, for all committees except the Nominating Committee

* Serve as mentor to and support Regional Presidents

* Interpret and implement Programs, Policies, Procedures of the Corporation

* Ensure that the Corporation's brand is upheld and that all efforts are coordinated in accordance with the objectives of the organization

* With approval of the state board, she may authorize the appointment of professional or support personnel as needed for the proper operation of the Corporation

* Designates parliamentarian for each meeting who will guarantee proper procedures are followed

*2) 1st Vice President - Membership

Oversees and hosts state events

* Works with regions to ensure that membership of the Corporation grows

* Answers membership questions for potential members

* In the absence of the President, presides at State Board of Trustees meetings

*3) 2nd Vice President - Diversity

Works to ensure that membership diversity remains a Corporation priority

* Drives the efforts to achieve membership diversity in every region

* In the absence of the President and 1st Vice President, presides at State Board of Trustees meetings

*4) Treasurer

Develops budget for the state in concert with approved budgets from regional boards

* Provides monthly financial reports for the state and all the regions

* Oversees all financial processes and required reporting for the Corporation

* Audits the Bank Account status for the state and all regions

*5) Secretary

Maintains the Corporation's Policies, Procedures, and By-Laws

* Coordinates events & meetings calendars for the state and regions

* Arranges board meetings, creates agendas and publishes minutes

* Regularly updates the state website

* Assures timely publication of The Bottom Line

*6) Immediate Past President

Chairs Nominating Committee

* Oversees Partnership and Affiliate Organization relationships

* Forges new relationships with additional organizations interested in Partnering or Affiliating with the Corporation

*7) Executive Director – non-voting member

Oversees all relationships with Corporate Partners and Sponsors

* Works to identify new Corporate Partners who share the values of the Corporation

* Identifies the key businesses that Corporate Partners are looking to work with

* Establishes programs to assist members in Certification to provide value to the Corporate Partners

* Generates statewide publicity for the Corporation

* Maintains back office and oversees professional staff and consultants

* Serves as the "face” of NJAWBO when volunteer leaders are unavailable

* Advocates for NJAWBO members and their interests with State and local government offices

Regional Board 

The focus is on supporting the needs of the membership at large in the regional area and providing clear value to the membership in a more efficient manner. Regional positions take care of the bigger picture initiatives that encompass a high quality member experience throughout the geography of the region. With financial management at the regional level, all members in the region will have the same access to great events and support systems.

There are only SIX Required Leadership positions, which are:

*1) President (member of State Board of Trustees)

Governs monthly or bi-monthly Regional Board meetings

* Supports Regional VPs and recruits leadership to fill any vacancies that occur

* Supports regional boards and helps with issue resolution

* Serves on the State Board of Trustees and participates in its meetings

* Interacts with and tasks the regional committees to ensure success of efforts, programs and events throughout the region

* Appoints ad-hoc nominating and awards committees

*2) President Elect – (alternate member of State Board of Trustees)

Hosts New Member Welcome events

* Oversees activities of membership and diversity committees

* Reaches out to long-absent members

* Reaches out to members not renewing

* Answers membership questions for members in the region

* In the President's absence, fills in at Regional and State Board of Trustee Meetings

* Maintains regional Member data base

*3) VP of Finance

Develops budget for regional and county/satellite initiatives with input from regional board

* Audits monthly financial reports supplied by the State office

* Reports on profit/loss at board meetings

* Deposits regional revenue

* Approves expenditure of regional funds for regional initiatives

*4) VP of Administration

Oversees that the Region is complying with State-approved Policies and Procedures and By-Laws

* Coordinates Regional/County/Satellite Events & Meetings calendars for scheduling regional events

* Arranges board meetings, creates agendas and publishes minutes

* Responsible for updating the regional website

* Chairs regional strategic planning committee

*5) VP of Marketing and Public Relations

Issues press releases for local and regional announcements and events

* Publishes member ad-supported and sponsor ad-supported Regional "e-zine”, which serves as a communications and recruiting tool

* Runs social marketing campaigns

* Provides and updates website content to the VP of Administration

*6) VP of Programming and Special Events

Works with VP of Finance to establish budgets for all regional events

* Appoints specific event committees and oversees committee activities to successful completion

* Works with the VP of Marketing to announce the events and potential sponsor opportunities

* Hosts Annual Events such as a Holiday Fundraiser

* Hosts Awards and Installation Dinner

* Co-chairs Community Outreach initiatives

* Designates regional representatives to State-wide event committees

* Prepares/updates "Best Practices” Template booklet to be shared with counterparts in other regions

Committees will be utilized to support these board positions and some potential committees are:
Regional Education and Diversity Committee (using the Regional Best Practices Template booklet – reports to the VP of Programming and Special Events)

Governs Mentorship Program and Book Club

* Establishes Master Mind groups for the region

* Co-Hosts Annual Educational Conference

* Crafts Diversity program

* Co-chairs Community Outreach initiatives

Regional Sponsor Committee (Reports to the VP of Marketing)

Works with the State Executive Director to educate potential regional sponsors on value proposition in sponsoring opportunities at the state and regional level. (The Region should target small- to medium-sized businesses local to the region, as well as targeting women-centric industries.)

* Coordinates receiving advertising and buying of vendor tables from sponsors for regional events

Regional Nominations and Awards Committee (Reports to the President)

Nominates recipients for regional/state awards

* Leads nominations to fill Regional Board and vets nominees to State Board

* Visits regional events to become familiar with the regions members

* Works with VP of Marketing and Public Relations to make sure that news of members who receive awards (either from NJAWBO or other organizations) is publicized.