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NJAWBO Shore Region January Networking Luncheon

NJAWBO Central Region January Networking Luncheon

NJAWBO MetroEast Region January 2018 Networking Luncheon

NJAWBO South Jersey Region January Networking Luncheon

Volunteer Description
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Volunteer Positions


Region Open Positions



President:  (1 person per region) - position description

Position Description:  President (member of State Board of Trustees)

  • Governs monthly or bi-monthly Regional Board meetings
  • Supports Regional VPs and recruits leadership to fill any vacancies that occur
  • Supports regional boards and helps with issue resolution
  • Serves on the State Board of Trustees and participates in its meetings
  • Interacts with and tasks the regional committees to ensure success of efforts, programs and events throughout the region
  • Appoints ad-hoc nominating and awards committees


President-Elect (1 person per region): Northeast, MetroEast, Central, South Jersey 

Position Description:  President-Elect (alternate member of State of Board of Trustees) 

  • Hosts New Member Welcome events
  • Oversees activities of membership and diversity committees
  • Reaches out to long-absent members
  • Reaches out to members not renewing
  • Answers membership questions for members in the region
  • In the President’s absence, fills in at Regional and State Board of Trustee Meetings
  • Maintains regional Member data base


VP of Finance (1 person per region):  MetroEast, Northwest, Central, South Jersey

Position Description:  VP of Finance

  • Develops budget for regional and county/satellite initiatives with input from regional board
  • Audits monthly financial reports supplied by the State office
  • Reports on profit/loss at board meetings
  • Deposits regional revenue
  • Approves expenditure of regional funds for regional initiatives


VP of Administration (1 person per region):  MetroEast, Northwest, Central, South Jersey

Position Description:  VP of Administration 

  •  Oversees that the Region is complying with State-approved Policies and Procedures and By-Laws
  • Coordinates Regional/County/Satellite Events & Meetings calendars for scheduling regional events
  • Arranges board meetings, creates agendas and publishes minutes
  • Responsible for updating the regional website
  • Chairs regional strategic planning committee


VP of Marketing & Public Relations (1 person per region):  North East, MetroEast, Northwest, Central, South Jersey

Position Description:  VP of Marketing & Public Relations

  • Issues press releases for local and regional announcements and events
  • Publishes member ad-supported and sponsor ad-supported Regional "e-zine”, which serves as a communications and recruiting tool
  • Runs social marketing campaigns
  • Provides and updates website content to the VP of Administration


VP of Programming & Special Events (1 person per region):  MetroEast, Central, South Jersey

Position Description:  VP of Programming & Special Events

  • Works with VP of Finance to establish budgets for all regional events

  • Appoints specific event committees and oversees committee activities to successful completion

  • Works with the VP of Marketing to announce the events and potential sponsor opportunities

  • Hosts Annual Events such as a Holiday Fundraiser

  • Hosts Awards and Installation Dinner

  • Co-chairs Community Outreach initiatives

  • Designates regional representatives to State-wide event committees

  • Prepares/updates "Best Practices” Template booklet to be shared with counterparts in other regions

State Open Positions


State President (1 person)

Position Description:  State President

  • Preside over state board meetings – at least one to be held each quarter with additional meetings as needed
  • Serve as ex-officio member, without vote, for all committees except the Nominating Committee
  • Serve as mentor to and support Regional Presidents
  • Interpret and implement Programs, Policies, Procedures of the Corporation
  • Ensure that the Corporation’s brand is upheld and that all efforts are coordinated in accordance with the objectives of the organization
  • With approval of the state board, she may authorize the appointment of professional or support personnel as needed for the proper operation of the Corporation
  • Designates parliamentarian for each meeting who will guarantee proper procedures are followed

1st VP - Membership ( 1 person)

Position Description:  1st VP - Membership

  • Oversees and hosts state events
  • Works with regions to ensure that membership of the Corporation grows
  • Answers membership questions for potential members In the absence of the President, presides at State Board of Trustees meetings

2nd VP - Diversity (1 person)

Position Description:  2nd VP - Diversity

  • Works to ensure that membership diversity remains a Corporation priority
  • Drives the efforts to achieve membership diversity in every region
  • Int he absence of the President and 1st Vice President, presides at State Board of Trustees meetings

Treasurer (1 person)

Position Description:  Treasurer

  • Develops budget for the state in concert with approved budgets from regional boards
  • Provides monthly financial reports for the state and all the regions
  • Oversees all financial processes and required reporting for the Corporation
  • Audits the Bank Account status for the state and all regions

Secretary (1 person)

Position Description:  Secretary

  • Maintains the Corporations Policies, Procedures, and By-Laws
  • Coordinates events and meeting calendars for the state and regions
  • Arranges board meetings, creates agendas and publishes minutes
  • Regularly updates the state webstie
  • Assures timely publication of The Bottom Line